Member Resources

For New Members

You will be receiving your New Member package from Toastmasters International within a couple of weeks. It will contain your  Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals, along with a few other items. But you may not want to wait for their arrival before you take on your first speech project: The Icebreaker! All you have to do is download this first project and you can get started before your manuals arrive! Here is a link to the project:

The Icebreaker

Two manuals you may want to download are these, even though you will receive them in your New Member package:

Here are a few resources that you may find to be of use. Some of these resources may be found in your New Member package. Please feel free to download any or all of these resources!

You may wish to track your progression through the Toastmasters program. If so, this fillable document will assist you in that effort.

Member Achievement Record

Finally, you are encouraged to work with a mentor who can help guide you on your journey. Rather than simply assign a mentor to you, we feel it is far more effective to let you meet some of our members and see if there is someone with whom you have developed a rapport. You are encouraged to ask that person if they would be willing and able to become your mentor. Every member of the club, no matter how senior they may be in Toastmasters, can benefit from having a close mentor relationship. Every Toastmaster needs to continue their growth. Don’t be surprised when, one day, you are asked to be a mentor to another!


For All Members

Tech Table Roles and Duties

Our meetings depend upon the structure provided by the Tech Table.  Here are basic worksheets on Tech Table roles.

Volunteer for one of these roles and help our club maintain a professional and orderly environment during meetings!

Better Speaker Materials

Toastmasters has produced some great training materials on a variety of topics - including How to Be a Better Speaker!

New and experienced Toastmasters all need to be familiar with these concepts!